Stella Nova Journey of the Magi


"Such a perfect game. I’m always looking for really fun activities that help me and my family think about Christ, not just for Christmas, but on Sunday. This is exactly what I was looking for."

-- Julia, Riverside, California

"This game brings the Christmas story of the wise men to life. I played it with my nieces and nephews; even the young kids really got into it! They loved figuring out their own strategy to get to Bethlehem."

-- Lea, Fairfax, Virginia

"Friends, check out this new game. Our family played it and loved it. Serious players who like Monopoly would like it; an easier-play version is included for younger players. My 8 year old and 11 year old grand-children loved it, and my 16, 18 and 20 year olds loved it too. Great gift for Christmas."

-- Michelle, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Stella Nova is lots of fun to play. I thought it was kind of like Monopoly, yet not, because there is a destination and you will arrive. You just need some time to get there. I also thought it’s a little like Trivial Pursuit because you must answer questions to receive things that you need for your journey. Can hardly wait to play again."

-- Janet, Canton, Ohio

"GREAT GAME!!! A whole bunch of family fun!!"

-- Brittany, Portland, Oregon

"I love this game, we all had fun. We definitely have a new Christmas tradition here."

-- Cheryl, Reading, Pennsylvania

"A well thought-out game. Beautifully executed. Congratulations on a winner."

-- Leo, Columbus, Ohio

"Played Stella Nova. Thanks for a fun experience! Our guest gaming expert liked it and rated it 8.5 out of 10, and he is difficult to please."

-- Marcia, Salt Lake City, Utah


"The kids have begged to play every day since we got it... Stella Nova will definitely be a game we look forward to pulling out each Christmas as a new tradition to be reminded of all that transpired around the birth of Christ."

"One of my favorite things about Stella Nova is the absolute solid construction. The board and game pieces are not flimsy, withstanding even the little hands of Drummer, and the box is sturdy enough to last many Christmases to come."

-- from Katy Dill of "No Big Dill", Read More!

Stella Nova Game Play

"We had a good time together and I only threatened to duct tape the kids' mouths shut once! (Just kidding. It was twice.) I consider that a rollicking success, and I'm looking forward to playing Stella Nova again this holiday season."

"The most unique and meaningful part of Stella Nova, in my opinion, was the trivia cards that get you through the game. There are two kinds of trivia questions: geography or Bible. The ancient history and geography ones were really hard, but my teenagers enjoyed the challenge (and apparently know more about what's where in the Middle East than I do."

"As a Christian I look forward to celebrating the birth of my Savior every year, but by mid-November I'm drowning in a glossy full-color avalanche of hot holiday toy catalogs and... it's easy to lose sight of why we're buying all those gifts in the first place."

-- Jenny Evans of Unremarkable Files, Read More!

Stella Nova Game Play